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Why Attendance Matters

In order to learn all the awesome content we cover every day, students need to be present! We hope you will join us with encouraging your child to get to school on time, every day!

We Miss You!

When your student misses a day of school (Yes! Even a half day!) not only are they missing out on core academic instruction, they are missing out on peer interactions, and relationship building with staff. And our favorite thing is to interact with your kid!

Did You Know?!

If your child misses an average of 2 days a month, they are considered chronically absent? That is 18 days a school year!

Academic Impact

Research shows that 64% of students who miss 9 or fewer days in K-1 are proficient readers by 3rd grade compared to only 17% of those who are chronically absent!

Future Success

Absence is the strongest indicator that students will become disengaged and fall behind academically. Attendance (even in Kindergarten) is the strongest indicator of future graduation.

What is the Goal?

Obviously we want your kid here all the time. But, we understand that things happen! Make it a family goal to arrive to school on time daily, and track when you are not. Aim to miss fewer than 9 days all year!

Stay at Home

If your student is not feeling well, do not force it! Give yourself and your family grace, and remember we want our whole Bison community to feel supported! If we can help in any way, please give us a call!

Attendance Challenges

Daily Challenge


Entire school's positive attendance is 95% or higher


Dance Party at 3:30 pm!

Monthly Challenge


Each classroom's average positive attendance is 94% or higher


Special treat for the class at the end of the month!