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Family/Student Handbook

Charging through failures.
Stampeding through challenges.


High Plains is an Early Childhood through eighth-grade STEAM school fueled by innovative and authentic learning opportunities where all members feel safe, valued, and empowered. Students are immersed in the inquiry process while taking risks and engaging in issues facing our community in order to have a positive impact on our world today, tomorrow, and in years to come.

Where Bisons empower each other to learn and grow!

This handbook serves as a means of communication between home and school and addresses policies and procedures specific to High Plains School. This is a supplement to the Thompson School District “Behavioral Code of Conduct Board of Education Policies” and TSD Student Conduct Policy.

Kinders playing in the soil

We hope that we have anticipated many questions that may arise and have already addressed them for you. However, if you need clarification or have any additional questions, please call the school office at 970-679-9800.

School Hours

Kindergarten through Grade 8

Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday, and Friday
8:20 am – 3:35 pm
Wednesday 9:20 am – 3:35 pm

Early Childhood

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

Morning Class 8:10 am – 11:45 am
Afternoon Class 11:50 pm – 3:25 pm