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Watch D O G S

Hello!  Thanks for volunteering for WatchDOGS at High Plains School!

Please begin by completing this form so I have your information: WatchDOGS Directory 23-24

If you haven’t yet completed your TSD VITAL registration and been approved to volunteer, here’s a link to the TSD Vital Volunteer site.  It takes just a moment, and is required for all TSD volunteers.

Please watch the training videos.

After you sign up for a date(s) to volunteer at High Plains at SignUp Genius for WatchDOGS 23-24, you will receive a Google Invite from Karen Helfrich.  You do not need to accept this, but it is a great way to remind you of your visit to High Plains School. Please give me 48 hours to set up your schedule. :)


Once you arrive at the front office at the school and sign in, you’ll be given a t-shirt and lanyard to show you are our special, wonderful WatchDOGS volunteer.  I’d like to request that you kindly remind someone from the HPS staff to take a picture of you and your child(ren) at the beginning of your volunteer day.  We will put you to work right away in either the Hug & Go Lane or our Bison Cafe.  Once students are in their classroom at 8:20am (9:20 on Wednesday), we will introduce you to our school (via morning announcements), then your training will begin!


Once training is complete, you will receive your special schedule for the day. (Blank Schedule)

Despite your special status, we ask that you remember the teacher is still the adult who sets the tone in each classroom/area.  Please look for them for guidance on how to make your visit the best possible experience for the students.

Some ways the teacher may utilize you as a DOGS volunteer:

  • One on one work with a student

  • Small group support with academics or social skills

  • Whole class support

  • Read to the class

  • Read with a small group

  • Play a math game or use flash cards, etc.

  • Support student breaks

  • Support accommodations such as “Teacher Read Directions” on an assessment


Please do your best to follow your schedule.  If you find you cannot complete your volunteer duties as scheduled, please let Karen Helfrich know so she can notify the staff member, so the students can start an activity without you.  


If you’d like to purchase additional WatchDOGS items, feel free to visit the DogStore. (Our school does not receive any funds from these purchases.) You are also welcome to join their FB page.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact Karen Helfrich at or (970)679-9806.




Follow your schedule

Wander around the building

Provide positive encouragement

Discipline students

Follow directions from teachers

Speak over teacher/staff members

Create an environment conducive to learning

Distract students from their learning

Follow all HPS behavior expectations

Forget to take care of your own needs

Use staff restrooms

Use student restrooms

Stay with larger groups of students

Be alone with students

Stop by the office if you have questions

Be disruptive when classes are in session

Be approachable - smile, talk to the students, listen to them

Share religious or political views

Be alert - report uncomfortable or unsafe situations to staff immediately

Use profanity

Follow confidentiality policy in regard to students and staff

Use any form of tobacco on school grounds

Limit use of personal cell phone/technology

Engage in behavior that would be considered disrespectful to yourself or others

Be visible to others


Try to interact with all students


Have fun!